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Pleated Filters

Pleated filters allow maximum filtration area for the space used.  These filters have a variety of end caps ranging from epoxy and plastic to molded felt.  Some of these filter elements are self supporting while others have metal cores comprised of springs or screens.  Depending upon the particular application, some of the screens are zinc plated to protect them in corrosive environments.

The most common uses for pleated filters are air intake filters for small gasoline engines (snow blowers, lawnmowers, chain saws, etc.). STD's custom Freon gas filters are widely used in the refrigerator and air conditioning industries.

At our Cleveland manufacturing facility we have the capability to roll and weld metal screens that are used as a support for some of the pleated felt filters.  It helps the filter retain its size and shape.  Since some of these filters are used in corrosive environments or to filter more hazardous substances, we have the support screens plated to increase the life of the part.  Still other filters use steel springs for internal support.  Whatever your requirement, we have the capability to work with you. 

Applications for these types of filters include:

Pleated filter photo gallery:


Case Study: Handling Increased Demand: The customer demand had suddenly increased by more than double.  They needed a higher quantity and very short turnaround. 

pleated parts
Products – Pleated filters are supported by rolled and welded zinc coated screens.  Ends are made from molded felt.
pleated filter
Pleated Tube – Some pleated parts supplied in tube form.  These are resin treated, pleated, glued and cut to a varying lengths.
pleated tubes
Pleated Tubes –  In process prior to cutting
pleated filter with screen support
Pleated Filter with Screen Support
felt cap
Resin Treated filter with resin molded felt cap
pleated felt
Pleated Felt – Pleated felt pieces to be glued into a tube.
Pleated Tube supplied in tube form.
Pleated filters supported by coated screens.  Ends are made from molded felt.